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Nino Oxilia · Producer | Mixer | Songwriter

Nino Oxilia is a songwriter with over 15 years of experience as a touring musician. During the last 10, he has worked as a composer, producer, editor and mixer and has collaborated with numerous artists throughout the US, Europe and Latin America. In doing so, he has gained extensive experience across a wide range of music styles like rock, funk, R&B, pop, EDM, country, soul, different musical instruments as well as production gear and software.

Working abroad as a freelance producer, he has developed great management over multiple workloads, successfully meeting deadlines and adapting to different project requirements as well as client personalities ensuring long lasting relationships.



Music Production

We work closely with recording artists and audio recording engineers to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan during a recording session. We monitor and control the technical aspects of a session, such as microphone placement, tracks used, sound and effects, musician needs, and anything else that influences the quality of the recorded music, as well as see to other needs of the musicians and recording engineers. We review prospective new artists, maintain ties with contracted artists, and may negotiate contract and recording arrangements. We also work on the final mixing and editing of the recording.


We add creative as well as preventative processing to an audio recording. Typically speaking, we process multiple tracks, or individual instrument groups, in a unique manner for the sake of improving the sonic quality and overall enjoyability of a musical recording. ITB concept for modern reliability.


Our voiceovers are read from the client’s script and through our industry standard recording mics, preamps and converters, achieving pleasant warm detailed files.

Sound Design

We enjoy to create sound effects, whether through foley, crafted in the box or altering pre-recorded files. Sound Design is an artistic component of the production. We always aim for imagination.


The score might bring mood or emotion to a dramatic scene in a play, or provide a tempestuous backdrop for a ground-breaking action scene in a film or video game.

In today's world of state-of-the-art technology, we work with advanced electronic sound equipment to perfect sound recordings on the digital level. We like to arrange technical aspects of each recording like harmony, rhythm, melody and tone, and then perfect them with highly technical recording equipment and software packages.



Sound Design



“He is a very proactive music professional offering strong customer focus, extensive software and hardware knowledge with an exceptional eye for detail. Known for having a “can –do attitude”. A team player, with strong work ethic that responds swiftly and effectively to last-minute changes.”

Mario Contreras · Universal Music México

“I have been working closely with Nino for the past 5 years, and during this time, he’s proven many times to be an outstanding professional delivering great production and mixing results.”

Jean Salah-Madani · 1+1 BPM

Qbo, The Mexican Broadcast, Mariana Sanchez, Diego Val, Elias Campos, Screamau, Dumbird, Cuack, Lalo Saenger, Kiko Campos, Fernando Riba, Samo, Karenka, Claudio Yarto, Fontana, Lorena Herrera, Disidente, Genitallica, Pablo & Nath Campos, Gloria Aura, Saak, Diego Stommel, Agora, Guido Laris, XAXO Sounds, La Sonora Santanera, Merenglass, Moritz Weigel, Philip Graf, Donbi.

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